Friday, July 23, 2021

Enter Sandman part 4


“Who’s the musicman?” I asked.

“He’s the man that always sings to us at bedtime. He sings to us every night, but he didn’t sing me to sleep because I was reading a book. I didn’t want to sleep.” The paramedics came in and nearly tore Camilla out of her mother’s arms. Jester and I walked into the courtyard.

 “Who’s the musicman?”I asked Jester.
 “I Ron’t know Raggy,” Jester replied ala scooby doo. “But I think we got us a clue. “I paused to think. Sing to them, sings song.

“Do we have blueprints of the complex at all?”

“I’m not sure we would have to check the dossier. What are you thinking? “We walked over to the swings. I sat down lighting another cigarette.

“What if we are sitting in the wrong spots.”

“What do you mean?” Jester said sitting beside me.

“I want you to look up.”


“What do you see?”

“Apartments, Jade on the roof and people coming home from wherever.”

“In other words…”

“Traffic, witnesses.”

“This maybe the hunting ground but we aren’t looking in his special spot. Every hunter has one.”

“If we got a blueprint, we could find out where Camilla’s and her brother’s bedroom is. Then we can compare the list of victims to where the bedrooms are. “

“That sounds too easy Trin, no sucker would make their hunting style that easy to track.”

“Then what’s the harm in looking?”

“I don’t want to fail the assignment because of a hunch. We’re supposed to track and locate.”

“You’re worried about failing the assignment?”

“Well, yeah. How are we supposed to become full agents if can’t follow a simple surveillance task? They must be able to trust us. And before you even say, ‘I’ll do it myself’ if one of us fails, we all fail.”

“Then we’ve already failed. Look at the stunt Damon just pulled. After something like that do you really think they’re going to let us all out on assignment again?”

“We could explain.”

“Explain what Jester, that one agent went rogue after his partner went on a potty break?” Jester sighed and mulled over the possibility of being able to catch the vamp. “We’re screwed tonight regardless. Might as well try to get as much done before anyone realizes things have gone tits up.”

“Crap,” He exhaled. “I hate it when you’re right. So, what now?”

“The next shift will be here before we know it. We gotta work fast.”

“How do we know the sucker will strike again tonight?” He had a point there. I sized him up for a moment. I got him on the plank, now how do I get him to jump off? Too it was just a hunch to Jester, there had to be facts.

“Maybe that’s the reason the sentinels haven’t been able to catch him. They’re not thinking about all the possibilities. That’s why they have the trainees on surveillance.”

“You have a hunch, don’t you?” He said rolling his eyes. “Luckily, you caught me in a no fucks given mood.”

“Do you think Jade will rat on us?”  I eyed her post out of the corner of my eye. “She seems cool enough.”

“I mean even if she would, why does it matter now.”

“It would be helpful to have someone to cover for us or stall. Especially when Damon wakes up he’s going to be looking for revenge.” He sucked his teeth.

“Yup, yup… I would be too.”

“But you’d never be that stupid.” Jester’s familiar half smile dripped from his lips. We made our way back to the roof and the apartment complex was once again silent. I walked over to our gear set up and took out the dossier. Jester, being his charming self, convinced Jade to be our alibi.

I flipped through the files. Aside from people sleeping there wasn’t much else connecting them. Different times at night, different demographics, different schedules, and even different times. I flipped further through the files, and I found the blueprints. Jester and jade approached me from behind. I found what we’re looking for.

“I think I might be right.”

“How so,” Jade asked.

“Rupert’s bedroom is on the north side and beside his is Camilla’s.  Both rooms are facing toward another property. I was thinking about something Rupert said about the Musicman, he skipped Rupert because Rupert was reading.”

“Okay, what does that mean?” Jade said.

“Because Rupert was reading, Musicman moved on to Camilla who is east of Rupert. Meaning, if luck is with us-”

“We head west,” Jester said as he leaned over the blueprints. “There’s a chance we can catch him.”

“There’s no way,” Jade shook her head. “It’s too easy. Suckers typically leave their prey.”

“We’re in the field now,” I said sticking the blueprint in my back pocket. “This isn’t an exercise. I think it would be a good idea to check all alternatives. Since Damon has blown our chance at being back in the field anytime soon, let’s see what happens.”

“You’ll be flying blind; I won’t be able to watch you and the courtyard.” Ah, Jade.
Ever the voice of reason.

“Might work better that way. You can have deniability then.”

“I just want to go on record to say this is a bad idea.” Jade crossed her arms and pouted.

“Couldn’t be any worse than Damon’s,” I pointed to the still passed out visage.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Enter Sandman part 3

  Jade ran up to us and asked us what happened. I scolded her for letting Damon go and taking on a vampire. Apparently, she was in the restroom. How could I get mad at that? Well, Damon will get his comeuppance when he wakes up, I chuckled to myself.  I decided to pull Jade and Damon off patrol and had them watching on the roof. Technically, Jade would be doing the watching. But it’s easier to stay on the roof as look out and watch your passed out partner then attempting to do both while moving. I adjusted my ear piece so we could be in communication

Damon has always been the hot headed one though. I would take the courtyard and Jester would take the second floor and third. I really liked this courtyard; it had a fountain and a pool. It even had a playground for the children. Sure, the stucco was cracking, and the railings needed a coat of paint, but it was very homey. I can see why the homeless man didn’t want to leave; it had a good vibe. I sat down on a playground swing and lit a cigarette taking in the night. Like a bell in the night, I heard a raised and panicked voice.

  “Camilla? Camilla!? Wake up Camilla!!!” I heard it coming from the property manager’s suite. “Robert, she’s not waking up!” I got up and made my way to the door. “Jester,” I whispered. “There’s something going on in the courtyard. I’m going in.”

 “Camilla!” The voice cried again. I know I’m not supposed to interact or draw attention, but I knocked. The door flourished open. “Camilla, baby please wake up!” I saw a woman gripping a little blond girl in her arms rocking back and forth. A tanned brunette linebacker opened the door. He looked shocked and angered for a moment.

“Do you need assistance?” I pushed pink, soft ‘trust me’ energy through him.  He looked confused for a second. “I’m an old family friend from college, remember?” His eyes clouded over for a moment. “You can trust me.

“It’s Camilla. She started coughing and I don’t know…” He trailed off.

“Who’s that?” Whimpered the woman.

“Barbara, this is-“He started to look confused again.

“Christine and Chuck!” Jester boomed from behind me. I felt a flourish of energy. Jester was far better at impressioning people than I was. “From school, remember?”

“It’s Chuck and Christine.” Robert repeated.

“What’s wrong? Can we help at all?  I asked.

“I don’t know what’s wrong,” Barbara started furiously crying. “She won’t wake up!” I took out my cell to call emergency services. Robert stood there blankly shocked. I handed him the phone to explain to 911 what exactly was going on. “Who are you?” She cried still rocking her daughter.

“We’re friends. We heard yelling and we came to see if everything was okay,” I said softly. Red and blue lights flickered through the window. “What happened?”

“I don’t know, I heard her coughing up a storm and I went to check on her. There’s no way she could cough that hard and not wake up. She’s so still… so silent.” I leaned over and touched camillla’s wrist. I breathed a sigh of relief. Her pulse was strong.

“Did anything out of the ordinary happen today?”

“Everything is normal. Played and acted normal as anything,” She paused tearing up. “I can’t think of anything-“ She was cut off by another voice in the room.

“Mommy why is everyone upset?” Barbara tore her gaze away from Camilla.

“Rupert, sissy isn’t well.”

“Does this have anything to do with the music man?” Barbara teared up.

“Who’s the musicman?” I asked.

“He’s the man that always sings to us at bedtime. He sings to us every night but he didn’t sing me to sleep because I was reading a book. I didn’t want to sleep.” The paramedics came in and nearly tore Camilla out of her mother’s arms. Jester and I walked into the courtyard. Who’s the musicman?

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Enter Sandman part 2


“Hey jester, can you make sure that Damon stays passed out?” J ester punched Damon in the head and gave to thumbs up. “May I assist you.” George flashed his fangs in a devilish smile. As we went to work, he turned to me.

“so what is going on with the energy vamp?”

“I’m hoping it’s just coincidence but in short there are a bunch of people getting really sick from someone taking excess energy. Feeding every night for hours at a time and some of them are children.” His face became drawn. It was a big taboo to feed on the unconsenting and absolutely forbidden to feed on children. It’s a akin to sexual assault and was met with much hostility in both of the vampire community. “Have you seen anything unusual lately?”

“Sadly no, I’m in and out at night. How long has this been going on?” He grabbed a second box and opened it with a flourish. Who still had grease paint? “Can you prop him up please?” Jester sat him up and held his face.

“This alone with worth the night shift!” Jester giggled. “ It’s been going on for about six months or so.”

“Ah, I see. That couldn’t have been me. I just moved here two months ago.” We finished up with the work and the master was finished. Jester scooped Damon up in his arms and threw him over his shoulder. I helped Geogre clean up his apartment and exited. The homeless man shambled by and was singing ‘As my guitar gently weeps.’

“What his deal?” I asked.

“Oh that poor soul.” He commented. “He used to run this building until his wife got sick. He sold it to pay for treatments for her but still lived here. He went completely broke only lose his wife. He ended up contracting liver cancer and used his wives money to treat his condition. Shortly after he had been into remission the new owners kicked him out. He comes here at night because he wants to feel closer to her.”

“How tragic.”

“I’ve tried to give him money or even contribute to an apartment but he wants his old one. However it’s already occupied.” I sighed and thanked him for his time.   


Enter Sandman (part 1)


It was a cold January night when we went to patrol. Phipps had us monitoring a sandman situation.  A sandman is an energy vampire that feeds on the chemical energy released from the brain during a sleep cycle. The Sandman had been feeding on several people in an apartment complex in central Mendosa. Several people had been sent to the hospital due to exhaustion over the last six months. Our orders were to observe and capture. My binoculars stayed focused on the community balconies that connected each floor.

Jester, Damon, Jade and I had the 10:00 pm- 3:00 am shift. Jester and I had been stationed on the roof that had the view over the entire building. Thus far nothing out of the ordinary had really happened.  A homeless man shambling down each corridor as people came and went about their day. There was the occasional person who hassled him off the bottom floors. I felt a pang for this poor man. He was only looking for somewhere warm to rest.

 Damon and Jade were doing rounds in the courtyard. Phipps had given us a file that said they suspected that the person of interest had long black hair, medium build green eyes, olive complexion and was dressed all in leather. His name George.  I had no choice but to laugh. It seemed too easy. Of course, the bad guy had to look like he fell out of the Matrix movies. Things had been quiet until a quarter to midnight.

That is when we saw him, but the document did no good to show how attractive he really was. His face had a canvas of an 18th century Julian Sands. His hair was like floating black feathers that framed his face making his eyes look like absinthe tinted broken mirrors.  His shoulders slightly stooped as he moved easily. He stopped at one door and jiggled the handle. After a few tries, he moved to the window. Gazing around to see if anyone was looking. He opened the window and slid inside.

“I’m going after him,” Damon growled.

“Damon wait!” but it was too last. I watched Damon rush across the courtyard and slip through the window. “Jester, we gotta go!” I whispered. We made record time getting down. Jester and I got close to the window and there was silence. I slid in barely ruffling the curtains. Something slammed into me knocking me into a lamp smashing it.

“Crap! I loved that lamp.” I pushed the lump off of me and turned on the light. Damon was on the floor where I had just gotten up from. The man we had been watching stood in an attack stance with a blood bag dangling out of his mouth with a large fluffy pink dress in one hand. One the floor were the remnants of a sewing kit. I stopped and looked at the man.

 “Sir are you ok?” Damon, you idiot. This is a blood vampire, I thought to myself. The man takes another step toward me and growls. “No, I’m serious sir are you ok?”  He looked confused. “I’m so sorry we thought you were someone else.” He took the bag out of his mouth and laid aside a dress.

“What is going on here?” He straightened himself up.

“We’ve had some complaints about a sucker seriously injuring people in the apartment complex.”

“Oh sure,” he said sarcastically. “And it just has be the blood drinking tailor!”

“I know this looks bad,” I said while holding my hands up. “You match the description of the only person around while the attacks where going on.”

“I haven’t feed on a human being in 400 years! And how old are you anyway, twelve!?” He gathered his supplies up off the floor. “I forgot my key and had to use the window! The next thing I know I get tackled by that foul mouthed little shit! “ He pointed to Damon on the floor. “I run The Vibe down the street, and I came to get one of our performers dresses.”  I helped him gather the needles and threads.

“I’m so sorry sir. We should’ve approached you like proper people. Is there anything I can do?” He finishes putting things back into his kit and sighs. “No, but I can’t help that I come and go at night. It’s the only time I can work. Although,” He considered. “It would be nice to teach that friend of you’re a lesson.” A knock sounded at the door. The door opened and a tiny white flag appeared through the crack.

“I come in peace!” It was Jester.

“That’s my partner can he come in? He can help me get Damon out of your hair.” I said to George, and he nodded. “It’s all good. Damon’s an idiot.” Jester came in and took one look around the room.

“What a freaking clown.” George smiled darkly.

“You know as a matter of fact there is something you can do to help me.” He came close to me and whispered what he wanted incase Damon woke up. Oh my… that was good. I stifled a laugh and kept nodded.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

My first energy vampire part 2


He asked me if I wanted to grab something from the café and I obliged. There wasn’t anywhere I needed to be, and it sounded like a nice break from everything high school. I left this heated attraction for him that left me dumb struck. My mind had a difficult time thinking objectively. I was swept up in the romance that only a teenager knows. Too me his attentions felts as if it was a coming out party to my emotions. I had asked him how long he had been playing his guitar. He’d been playing since middle school and mostly he played his own stuff. He said he was inspired by all thing dark.

He said his art came from H.P Lovecraft and madness. He asked me what I did for fun. I was not as dark as him and typically had many after school activities to take part in. I loved rock climbing, art club, choir, drama and loved to write. I had been trying to get my poetry published. How lucky was I that he was interested in my work? We walked back to hi car in the parking lot and he invited me to sit and talk for a little while longer.

One thing had drifted into another, and we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. With each touch I eagerly groped for more. We were a tangle of legs and animalistic smells. I was flooded with sensation of euphoric desire. The sun had started to set but it was not as if we could see through the fogged glass. Every worry, self-conscious thought I had disappeared in steam.

I felt a red velvet thickness spread through the inside of my skull rolling any critical voice under the waves. My arms struggled to lift and swim upwards into cognition. When I reached the surface, my skirt had been pushed up and Reginald was on top of me. Whispering sweet nothings about how he wanted to dive within my soul.

Before he could push any further, I stopped him. I was a virgin, and I was not ready. He disagreed, he thought I was very ready. A tingling over my skull like warm rain threatened to roll me under again. I pushed back firmly and said absolutely not. I quickly gathered my clothing. It seemed like such a silly thing for me to clutch seeing as other girls had gone much farther than this and lived to boast of their adventure.

He then suddenly backed off and told me that no woman had ever said no to him before. He stared at me in the dark fiddling with his rings. I told him that I had only just met him. I apologized for what had come over me and apologized for disappointing him or giving him the wrong idea. He simply smiled at me. Reginald dismissed my apologies and just asked to see me again. I was unnerved. Something about the look in his eyes screamed of desolate hunger. I was the one who teased him with a feast and didn’t deliver.

He dropped me off at my house and promised to see me later. He chuckled under his breath that he didn’t mind a challenge. I nervously laughed and exited the car. When I got through the door, I could still feel his eyes in my back even though I was sure he was gone. I looked back to see his red taillights drifting out the driveway. The room began to sway slightly, and I felt dizzy. I wondered if all girls felt this way when they started to fall in love.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Ghosts and an AK-47

I lived in a haunted house with four other people. We were cozy and good friends. However, the house had the tendency to attract the odd spirit or two or four. I lost count. For the most part they never bothered me. They loved to chill with our pet rabbits and would occasionally sing to them.   

But they loved to mess with one roommate. Adam. Poor Adam. That guy would see every ghost and every disembodied ghost that could be imagined or explained. He once saw a ghost at the end of the hall that turned out to be a shadow of a broken oscillating fan. He thought it had been me.

 Adam decided that to stay at home while the rest of us went out. Five hours later, upon returning we saw all of the lights on. I was instantly suspicious of some bad juju going on. When we entered the house, Adam was clutching his AK-47. He rushed to us and said, “oh thank god you’re home.” 

“What’s going on?” I asked him as I failed to wipe the confusion off my face. 

“I heard footsteps and things moving and voices!” He gripped his rifle a bit tighter. “It was so loud!” 

“I understand it can freak you out,” I started. “But why do you have the gun? I mean, it’s not going to do anything.” 

“I know! It makes me feel better!” He cried. I couldn’t help but to laugh. It was at that point I understood why ghosts stuck around annoying people like Adam. If I knew that I had an all you can eat buffet of pranking waiting for me at the end of my life, I’d start writing my list now!

Sunday, June 20, 2021

My first energy vampire part 1

 My first energy vampire: part 1

The first vampire I had ever come across was called Reginald. This was before HALO, before Damon and most importantly Frank. I’d always known that there were people that sucked energy or were just naturally draining.  But never in my life did I ever think that something like this could happen to me. I was just barely a year into high school and boy did I ever think I was aloof. I didn’t care because everyone deserved a chance to live.

Reginald was edgy. He had thick, long red hair with these dark green eyes. He smelt like fresh ever green on a summer’s day. He was sitting outside of my drama class with a guitar. He silver ringed fingers plucked away, “As my guitar gently weeps.” He was surrounded by admirers and I simply smiled at him and went on my way. I honestly didn’t think he would even remember me. 

The girls were all a flutter with his name. He worked with the children in special education for extra credit and had a very open schedule during the day. He enjoyed parties and music. Reginald was also dark and mysterious. He dabbled in the occult and had a copy of the necromicon. His art was crafted black ink on plaster of Paris. I was smitten but my mind was on changes that were happening in my own body. 

When a sentinel is shifting into their active phase, the world changes into frightening legions of emotions and energies. I thought I was losing my mind! All these thoughts and feelings were not all mine. I had no idea that they weren’t or how to deal with them.

Reginald was taking a break playing his guitar when I came out of my drama class again but this time he was alone. I briefly glanced at him and was about to go on my own way when I heard him say, “hi.” I looked over at him and said hi back. I was about to walk away when he asked what was I up too. I was startled by this as I had no idea he even noticed me. We got to talking and he asked why I always left after my class was done. I mentioned that I had another class to go to. He gave a half smile and chuckled to himself. He never knew anyone that could resist his music. 

I couldn’t help but to think that he was being really confident. But so are most musicians.  I think…

I don’t think we had been sitting long until the final bell had rung for the day. Energy vampires have something called a thrall and through it they can manipulate perceived time. The act was called “time temperance. I had honestly thought that I was falling in love. Little did I know, that this was just one of the many tricks he had played on me. It never ceases to amaze me how quick I was to dismiss all the little things. 

Part two released on Tuesday.

Enter Sandman part 4

  “Who’s the musicman?” I asked. “He’s the man that always sings to us at bedtime. He sings to us every night, but he didn’t sing me to sl...